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Our first guest has always been looking for residual income and has a background in real estate. In the business he has now, residual income comes first, the business takes care of itself and takes care of all the heavy lifting he used to have to do himself. The training and support is what truly made him fall in love. Everyone makes him feel so loved and supported, giving him the confidence to work comfortably.

Our next guest got into ACN because he wasn't really looking for another business opportunity, he already had a pretty successful business. But he had to work hours every day, 7 days of week, and was missing time with his family and friends. When he learned about residual income, it seemed like the only way to go and so he jumped right in. His first job was at a nursery when he was 13 years old. He had a mentor that showed him what business is like. His original business and the ACN business he has now has a huge difference.

Our next guest talks about how it's best to get started right now, the younger you are, the better. So many people tell her "I wish I was in this business at your age". She didn't wanna wake up years later wishing she would have done something different now.

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