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3 years ago... I took this picture when I was:

a presenter at a speaking conference called #MOTIVATION #UNLEASHED... And I was sooo awful in front of a crowd. This day was a day I will never forget because it was my first REAL CONFERENCE.

I was dating a girl who I chased for 12 years...and I was broke as hell.

I was unsure of who I wanted to become.

I was unsure of myself.

I was unsure of my business.

I was uncertain about pretty much everything.
(I mean, look at my outfit... It's not even me! )

Nothing was stable in my life.

I would work like a maniac during the day, campaign for #trump at night, try to work on my rental property on the weekends, try to make time for this great girl, and try to keep my sanity all along the way. I would do all this without any evidence that my sweat equity would pay off. The truth was I was completely UNCERTAIN ABOUT MY LIFE.

Well, I knew ONE thing... I wasn't going back to a job. EVER. AND I MEAN EVER.
And that was enough. It was all I needed.

Fast forward to yesterday..., and my life is very different--- I held a webinar helping people quit their jobs & start a business from all over the world.

I had a phone call with a business magnate that could possibly escalate our business to 100k per month very soon.

And my team signed our 161st book client.

My business has taken me all over the United States.. and we have worked with 160+ Entrepreneurs...( 20+ millionaires). And every time I work with extremely successful people, I see a common ingredient of pain and struggle.

🔥Nobody knows for sure how the story is going to end. 👉👉👉 BUT THEY ARE CERTAIN OF HOW THE STORY IS NOT GOING TO END. They are not going to give up, and go get a job. Ever.


There are very few things that are scarier than being uncertain in life. But if you #startedfromzero, uncertainty is just part of the journey. The only thing that you need to believe in is 👉YOU WILL NOT GO BACKWARDS NO MATTER WHAT.

I knew that I would be dead before I ever applied for a job ever again. I would go homeless. I would sacrifice my health. I would not eat. (You can even see how skinny I was). I would do anything to make sure the dream lived on.

It was the only thing that I KNEW about my life. Being certain about that one thing allowed me to go to the brink of insanity to create something from nothing.

Alot can happen in 3 years. The beginning is always the toughest. But it's worth it.

Being uncertain is #scary. But going backwards is even scarier. 🎃🎃🎃



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