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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson, born the 29th of August in 1958, was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Most known as the “King of Pop”, Jackson started his career as the lead for the Jackson 5, his family’s very popular Motown group. He gained quite the success when launching into a solo career, reaching No. 1 with multiple songs, most popular being the well-known Thriller. Through his life, he married Lisa Presley, daughter of the rock legend Elvis Presley. After divorce with her, he went on to wed Debbie Rowe, whom which he also got a divorce with. He went on to have 3 kids, two of which were with Debbie Rowe, and the third being a product of an unknown surrogate. Eventually dying from drug overdose, Michael Jacksons legend still lives on.

The Jackson 5

Joseph Jackson, father of Michael, thought that him and his brothers had exceptional music talent. This led to the formation of the well known Jackson 5. Jackson joined his siblings, leading the creation of the Jackson 5, at the young age of 5. He emerged as the leading vocalist, astonishing everyone with his incredible range and depth. For being so young, he was shockingly capable of portraying very complex emotions. His talent that led him to becoming the King of Pop can be seen throughout all his life.

Michael and his brothers rehearsed for hours. Their career started playing local gigs, which built them a pretty strong following. They moved on to opening for more popular artists, like James Brown. Opening for multiple performers running under the Motown Record Label led to them getting signed under them too. Their career officially started in 1969. The Jackson 5 went on to release multiple No. 1 hits. Michael eventually broke away from his brothers to pursue a solo career, finishing it off with a final tour in 1983.

Solo Career

Michael Jackson released multiple albums, multiple hits, on his own name. His solo career started at age 13, but he also continued his work with the Jackson 5 until their final tour together in ’83. Jackson’s first No. 1 hit was a song on his album Ben in 1972. However, it was Off the Wall that got his solo fame started, featuring Grammy Award-winning single Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough. Although that album received a lot of attention, it was his next Thriller released in 1982 that won him title King of Pop. This album remained on the charts for a total of 80 weeks. It also held the No. 1 stop for 37!

His career started decline after Jackson was accused of child molestation by a 13-year old boy in 1993. The case was decline due to a lack of evidence, but none the less, Michael felt the hate from the public. This launched him into many interviews where he felt necessity in explaining a whole variety of very person topics. He also started becoming well know for his many eccentricities, such as wearing a surgical mask in public. The hate never stopped though, and he was put in many tough public and press situations.

Personal Life and Death

Throughout Jackson’s life, he had been married to the daughter of rock legend Elvis Presley. Some thought Jackson’s marriage with Lisa Presley was a publiclity ploy to try and fix Michael’s press image after the child molestation accusations. They later divorced in 1996. Soon after, Michael married Debbie Rowe, and divorced her 3 years later in ’99. Jackson and Debbie had 2 children together, Michael “Prince” Jackson Jr and Paris Jackson. After his divorce with Debbie, Michael received full custody of them both. Jackson went on the have a 3rd child with a still unknown surrogate.

Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 due to an overdose. His final cause of death was cardiac arrest that was incapable of being stopped. The drugs he overdosed on was a prescription cocktail including multiple sedatives prescribed by Dr. Conrad Murray. The drug was intended for helping with sleep, but police later discovered that Murray wasn’t legally licensed to prescribe the cocktail. Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s overdose.


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