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#Marty, let me tell you about the year 2020...

The United States is doing better than it ever has before. Best financial numbers ever. More people are making money than anytime in history.

Then, all of a sudden, there is an impeachment trial to remove the President for a phone call that discusses how the previous administration admitted to corruption in front of the world.

The impeachment trial is ongoing all of January. While this is happening, at the exact same time, there is a virus just starting to pop up in Wuhan China.

The CDC and WHO say it's nothing to worry about. China stops travel from Wuhan to other parts of China... But allows all travel to other parts of the world. Doesn't tell anyone else. CDC and WHO still say it's nothing to worry about and all travel from China to USA should continue.

The President doesn't believe them.. and shutsdown all travel from China to USA on January 31st (as the impeachment is still ongoing).

On February 5th, the impeachment trial ends abruptly. The President is acquitted because it was laughable.

This is when all the politicians were calling the President a racist for shutting down travel.. and telling everyone to have parties and continue travel.

On February 19th, the Democrats hold a Presidential nominee debate... And not one word is mentioned of the Corona Virus.

In mid March, the CDC , WHO, and politicians change their tune. They begin to say it's much worse. And everyone should lock down. Halt economy. Otherwise most people will die.

Daily Press conferences would become the only entertainment for the day. And it would become obvious that media is painting a certain picture and agenda.

Drug use, depression, unemployment, spousal abuse, and other sad events will skyrocket... While many lose their houses, Businesses, and jobs forever.

Doctors will begin to surface and begin outline that the death rate of virus is less than .001%. --which is basically the odds of being hit by 1.21 gigawatts!

These doctors will be silenced because it doesn't fit the media narrative. The CDC and WHO will be investigated ...and all of a sudden, their numbers start to fall dramatically on May 1st.

This will cause a total mistrust in media and government agencies. Documentaries will start to be seen that expose how corrupt the entire system really is. People will start to wake up.

Yet, there will be a few people who say it's too dangerous to do anything until a vaccine is created and want others to live in fear also. So, they will never resume their life and blame others for their failures.

Joe Biden, the man who sold his office to Ukraine in 2013, wins Democrat nominee for President even though there is was much higher support for a guy named Bernie Sanders. Since he can't really form coherent sentences, he will not show up for debates (claiming trump is too racist to debate with since his running mate will be Stacey Abrams)...

He will push for vote from home (which is the only way to fix the election).

Trump will win election in a landslide.. but there will be MAJOR confusion with votes being counted.

Thus, once he wins again, they will say he got help from some foreign entity..and begin to push for an APP in the next elections.

By the 4th quarter of 2020, the economy will begin to skyrocket again.

Then... at the exact same time ...A man named Mike Fallat will publish well over 200+ books which will make him as famous as mayor Goldie Wilson.. and create a magazine that will be talked about all over the world.

...And make him richer than Biff was in the alternative timeline.

It's a very heavy year, Marty.



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