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For today's blog, we're gonna do a recap on the recent podcast episodes with Julia Lynn!

Julia Lynn Talks About Wrestling // RockstarsDream Podcast Ep. 6

Episodes 6-8, your host Mike Fallat will be with DreamGirl Julia Lynn!

Instagram: @julia_lynnofficial

Now let's talk about wrestling. Everyone has their favorites writers, musicians, etc... and today we're gonna get into Julia Lynn's favorite wrestlers. Give it a listen , then ask yourself, what's your favorite wrestler and why?


Next up, episode 7.

Julia Lynn Talks About the Pandemic // RockstarsDream Podcast Ep. 7

Sponsored by Nick Santonastasso, author of Victim or Victor

In episode 7, we're going to be talking about the current pandemic and how it is affected and changed us. From anxiety management, to community bonding, we're diving deep into the topic. After you listen, I want you to ask yourself, what did you learn from this pandemic?


Julia Lynn's Climb to Success // RockstarsDream Podcast Ep. 8

Through these couple episodes, we're with Julia Lynn, a.k.a. The Dime Piece, and over the last few episodes you're going to see a side of her that you never knew existed.

We talked about musicians, wrestlers, the pandemic.... and now we're going to talk about Julia Lynn's climb to success. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and now living in Erie, she has taken on a number of ventures. And you can hear all about them in this episode of the RockstarsDream Podcast! And by the end of it, I want you to ask yourself; what does your climb to success look like? Where have you been, where are you at, and where are you going?


Hope you enjoyed the recent podcast episodes!


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