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Mike Fallat has perfected the art of getting books written, all within a 30 day time frame. After getting hundreds of books written, published, and marketed for people, he knows all the ins and outs, the secrets, and he's ready to share some of them with you. First, we got to understand the process!

The first step is figuring out your vision. Is it a how to/guide book? Is it an educational book? Is it an inspirational book? Anything you can think of, WRITE IT DOWN. You can't start a book without a vision. Figure out your lessons. How many lessons? 15! 15 is the perfect number when writing a book. 15 lessons, 15 stories, 15 chapters. When you get a book done with us at Dreamstarters, we help you figure that out.

NOW interview yourself. We all talk way faster than we write, and more fluently for most. RECORD YOURSELF TALKING and THEN turn it into writing. It makes it so much easier. Want to get the book written TODAY? Although it's not the best route, transcription services are the fastest. Then, once you get it back, you just go through and edit it, refine it, make it YOURS.

Want to hear more? Watch Mike's recent video talking about all of this!


Want us to handle all of this work for you, with professional writers and cover designers that have been at this for years? THEN COME TO US AT DREAMSTARTERS. We will get your dream started and turned into something physical. Why waste anymore time? :)


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