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How to Find a Ghostwriter For My Book

How to Find a Ghostwriter For My Book

Writing your first book doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Ghostwriters take the stress and time out of it, while giving you a high quality marketing tool in the process. But how do you find a ghostwriter for your book? They have dedicated time and effort into their practice, so you can be sure the book will be done right, without having to waste endless amounts of time trying to perfect it. Finding the right ghostwriter for your book is important.

When you hire a ghostwriter to write your book,  it means finding one that fits right for your project! There are particular guidelines to follow to make sure your finding the right ghostwriter to make your book QUALITY.

So what makes a good ghostwriter?

Their history of work, presentation, and production are all very important factors in hiring a ghostwriter to write your next book.

History of Work

The most important factor in finding a ghostwriter for your book is reviewing their past work and clients. Have they written books of your nature before? What was the success of these books? Did their clients seem happy with the outcome?  Is their work simple, efficient, and of quality? Are you happy with their outcome?

Finding the history of work that follows the ghostwriter you are looking to hire is bound to be beneficial.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but a ghostwriter that puts effort into his presentation of his skills to you is bound to apply the same level, if not higher, of energy into their work. When a ghostwriter puts time into their presentation of work to you, it shows you that they care about the finished look. It shows they put energy into making something of quality, and will put that same attitude into your book.


Another important factor in hiring a ghostwriting company is their production. How often are they putting out content? Are they working in a high demand attitude? What does their social media look like – does it show a laziness to their work, or an efficient and productive attitude?


Finding the right ghostwriting company is important, you want to get your book done right. Quality and efficiency is are two fundamental business principles, and you want to be sure the person taking care of your book can give you just that.

If you are looking for a ghostwriting service to write your next book, please contact Mike Fallat, owner of  book writing, publishing, and marketing company Dreamstarters, at 412-496-9448, or email him at mike@istartedfromzero.com. You can also contact his assistant Ashley - ashley@istartedfromzero.com.

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