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Henry Rollins, and His Rise From Zero to Hero

Henry Rollins, and His Rise From Zero to Hero

Henry Rollins, most well known for his work with Black Flag, has rose from zero to hero in his own unique way. Born on February 13th, 1961 in Washington D.C., Henry Rollins now stands as a punk rock icon. Growing up with his mother working for the government and his dad as an economist, it’s obvious that music wasn’t something he was born into. Henry Rollins rise from zero to hero started from him jumping on stage and singing a song with Black Flag, which led to him quickly becoming the lead singer.


Henry Rollins rise from zero to hero although seemed to happen at random, he had always had a major interest in literature. He helped write songs for Black Flag. Rollins also wrote a book documenting the experience of touring with Black Flag, Get In The Van. While working with Black Flag, Henry began his rise from zero to hero as a spoken word artist, which is his passion. He even won a Grammy Award in 1994 for the best spoken word album!

He went so far as to start his own publishing company. Even though his jumpstart into success was through Black Flag, it was his writing and developed skill that helped Henry Rollins rise from zero to hero. He’s put quite the contribution into LA Weekly and is considered an in-demand writer. Most of his recent performances has been spoken words. Henry Rollins rise from zero to hero is evident mostly in his ambition, and his constant creative flow.

Musical Pursuits

Henry Rollins rise from zero to hero started surprisingly while working at an ice cream shop. At a Black Flag show, Rollins jumped on stage and sang a song with the band. This quickly led to him joining them, which gave him a handful of opportunities. After Black Flag, Rollins formed the Rollins Band. He had a unique style to his singing, keeping it aggressive and dramatically charged. Along side music, he performed spoken words. Along with all his many accomplishments and projects, Rollins rise from zero to hero can also be contributed to him starting a record label.

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Henry Rollins, along with many others, are proof that the rise from zero to hero isn’t a foolproof process. Anyone can climb the ladder of success, it’s all about embracing your own unique story!

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