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Harrison Ford, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

Harrison Ford, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

Struggling for years before finally making a breakthrough as an actor, Harrison Ford’s rise from zero to hero took some time. Once he made his breakthrough though, Ford’s career skyrocketed, launching him into many important acting roles. His rise from zero to hero took off out of nowhere, when he was least expecting it and nearly giving up hope. Harrison even became a carpenter and made acting a side thing out of frustration from his lack of success. It was just then that Harrison Ford’s rise from zero to hero happened.

The Early Days

Born July 13th, 1942 in Chicago, Harrison Fords rise from zero to hero contained many disappointments before finally reaching a big break. Ford discovered his passion for acting by accident, signing up for a drama class in college with the intent of an easy grade. Harrison ended up loving performing. He wasn’t the best of students in college, and didn’t complete his degree. That didn’t stop his rise from zero to hero. Harrison moved to Hollywood with his future wife, Mary Marquardt, and started his acting career as a contract player for Columbia Pictures. With little success, his rise from zero took time.

Little Success

Harrison Ford struggled for many years acting before finally reaching a breakthrough. Ford even became a carpenter to supplement income, and was completely unaware of the rise from zero to hero he was about to make. George Lucas gave him his break, giving him an important role in the movie American Graffiti. Harrison continued to have a lack of success after this, taking on small roles for Francis Ford Coppola. Ford continued as a carpenter on the side, but then his breakthrough from zero to hero finally came.

The Big Break

In 1977, Harrison Ford got his big break, rising from zero to hero almost instantly. Lucas got him the role as Han Solo in Star Wars. This role got Ford quite the recognition, and the two Star Wars films that followed changed him from zero to hero. Quickly following, Harrison scored the role as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as its many sequels. Among this time, Ford also scored an important role in Blade Runner. It was no surprise his rise from zero to hero happened so fast scoring roles like that. Harrison Ford continued to partake in many roles, reaching well-recognized success. Ford quickly became a top movie star, and one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors.

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