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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books have we done so far?

As of February 2021, we have worked with 220+ books

Who owns the book when it is done?

You own 100% of book and can do whatever you want with it.  We do not take any royalties.

What kind of books do we ghostwrite?

Non-fiction books to help you grow your personal / business brand.

Will it be in paperback?

Yes, It will be published on Amazon as a kindle book and a paperback book.

How many times can the author revise the book?

You are allotted 2 revisions without any extra fees associated.

How many cover options do I get to pick from?

25+ minimum

Will I make tons of money from a book?

It is in our experience that you make way more money indirectly (speaking events, services, products) than you do from book sales directly.  Yes, you can make money from book sales.  But, focus on using the book as a marketing tool for something bigger and you will surely see a great Return On Investment.

What are the commission splits with Amazon?

Amazon will keep roughly 40-50%% of every sale.   In addition, they will keep approximately $4 per book for print costs (since they are the printer). 

Who prints the book?

Amazon is the printer and they are PRINT ON DEMAND (No inventory required).  When someone buys your book, Amazon prints it and ships it.  All you see is the money go into your bank account at the end of the month.

How is my book uploaded to Amazon?


You will have your own portal login to change anything whenever you want.  Also, you can review sales and reports at your convenience.

Besides Kindle and Paperback books, what else do you offer?

We can provide audio books, hardback books, and featured documentaries.

Why did you create this company?

I, Mike Fallat, witnessed first hand the power of a book.  It changed my life.  That is why I want to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Is there a certain structure for each book? For each chapter?

Yes, we marry your story with lessons.  We also involve quotes and "takeaways" for the reader.

How do I receive money from book sales?

Amazon sends you the money directly into your bank account at the end of every month.