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Went to Detroit, Michigan for a entrepreneur conference! 5,000 entrepreneurs in one room packs a big punch.

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👊Chad is a fitness trainer and director for some of the #wealthiest people in Michigan.
🎆I received a phone call from him 2 weeks ago because he heard my podcast episode with Tim Lyons Jr. (Which has 10,000 listeners on Apple podcasts). Chad is currently making big moves in his life... And is thinking about #writing a #book.
👉Since I was traveling to Detroit, I invited him to the #entrepreneur event I was attending. Even though he only had a few minutes, he drove 30 minutes out of his way to meet me for a few minutes at a restaurant. I told him the basics of putting a book together and explained how a book can change everything.
🔥I explained how to keep it simple. How it creates opportunity, how it becomes the greatest conversation starter, and how it can generate lead after lead for years to come.
💥Now, you are probably thinking... Ok, so what does this have to do with you?
My answer: TONS!
🧮Here's why:
1) Chad designed his life around his passions.
2) Chad put his life in position to be surrounded by wealthy people. Money is energy and will rub off on him this way.
3) Chad constantly listens to podcasts (like Built to Grow) that promote personal development.
4) Chad picked up the phone and called me about an idea
5) Chad knows that marketing is the key to success
6) Chad went completely out of his way to meet me.
7) Chad is putting together his next chapter and levelling up.
8) Chad takes action.
You see, 90% of the people on this planet would not have done any of those things that Chad did. This is what separates successful people from regretful people.
If you feel stuck right now, be like Chad. Follow those 8 steps and prepare for one hell of a chapter.
🎇🎆🎇🎆(Learn more in my 13th book that's coming out called " #BOOM - The firework philosophy to explode your business" )


🤘I've been Facebook friends with Jonathan Banister for 4+ years I think...

💥Met him for the first time in person today.

👉This is a testiment to 1) the power of social media...

👊And the power of going to events that propel the #entrepreneur mentality.

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