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🔴This man is Dan Gurney.

🏁 In 1967, he won "The Le Mans 24 hr Car Race.

👉It is known as one of the toughest races in the world. People would die all the time during racing back in those days.

👉When he got up on the podium, someone handed him a bottle of champagne. He was so amped up that he shook the bottle, popped it open , and aimed it at the crowd.

👉He continued to spray the crowd, his teammates, even the owner of Ford Motors (Henry Ford II).

🍾This became the very first champagne spray in sports EVER. From there on out, every winner in Motorsports (cars, trucks, motorcycles, hell - even horse racing) would copy this idea.

👀So when you see a winner spray a bottle of champagne with excitement, you can thank Dan Gurney.

Here's the takeaway -----👇

🔴 Whatever you do with #passion, #excitement, and #spontaneity TODAY might be talked about, copied, and seen as "tradition" for generations to come.

🏁 Write the book.
🏁 Start the business
🏁 Keep chasing your hero.

Whatever you do, Just F'n Win. 🤘


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