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Another Scary Story Starter by Mike Fallat

WE START THE STORY, YOU FINISH IT. And what's better than one scary story starter? 5! "He was clueless how to spend his time. Ever since his girlfriend left him, all the time between work and sleep just seemed meaningless. One day, his friend offered

Mike Fallat’s Scary Story Starters pt 1

WE START THE STORY, YOU FINISH IT. "I woke up in the woods; naked, afraid, lost. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t even know my name. I stumbled to the nearest road, slowly noticing more and more pain shooting through my body,

Mike Fallat’s Favorite Movies

TOPIC: #TOP #ENTREPRENEUR #MOVIES Fact: Movies have shaped my life. 👻The first movie I ever saw was Ghostbusters... And I was only a few days old‼️. (Yeah, my mom took me to see Ghostbusters in my first week on this planet. She's awesome. It's no surprise that it's

Write or Die with Mike Fallat

😮On a recent date, I was talking with a girl about starting a business. In fact, every conversation that I have with anyone (nowadays) pretty much evolves around business. Whether I am at the gym, at church, on a date, at dance class, at work,

Why Mike Fallat Loves America

Here's why I love America... 👊8 years ago, I was cleaning toilets & offices at night for $300 per week. 👊I started 5 different businesses before I turned 30 years old. 4 of them failed miserably. 1 did ok. 👊In desperation mode, I went to

Dan Gurney; One of Mike Fallats Inspirations

🔴This man is Dan Gurney. 🏁 In 1967, he won "The Le Mans 24 hr Car Race. 👉It is known as one of the toughest races in the world. People would die all the time during racing back in those days. 👉When he got up

Mike Fallat – It All Comes Down to Priorities

I FINALLY GET IT.😮 👉It all comes down to priorities. 👉I meet with people all the time who WANT to start a business... Write a book... Or make a change in their life. 🏃‍♂️Yet, they never take a step forward. 🏋️‍♂️It's not because they don't

Mike Fallat on What Makes a Good Leader

🤔Imagine winning the highest award in your business... 🤔Imagine being a hero to many young kids, chasing something for 30+ years, and finally getting it... 🤔Imagine achieving something that very few ever do - something that helps cement your family legacy for years and years

Invest in a Dream like Mike Fallat

🎙️Hanging with the badass musician @sierrasinrose at @elevenpgh last night. ⁣⁣🎸She's one of the @rockstarsdream #dreamgirls who knows how to program some wicked content & can really help the business explode 💥.⁣ #ROCKSTARSDREAM is a monthly delivery of lingerie for your DREAMGIRL. ⁣ It is the most scalable

Progress is Your Duty

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ years from now... 🔴Your family will either #read about you, 🔴Try to #forget about you, 🔴Or #never know you existed. And that is why progress is your duty. Keep chasing win after win, there will never, EVER, be enough to grab. And with everyone you grab, you create a dent in