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Home-Blog-Built to Grow Podcast Ep. 48 with Mike Fallat

Invited out Tim Lyons and Randy Angsten's studio, Mike Fallat drove 4,000 miles not even knowing he'd be a guest on their podcast! Mike Fallat had previously had helped Tim write, publish, and marketed Tim Lyon's bestselling book Built to Grow.

Mike Fallat's phrase "Started From Zero" started out with trying to spread how someone with nothing can achieve everything they want. But this phrase only relates to the past, and how successful people got to where they are now.

Started from zero reached an immense amount of success and spread like wildfire, inspiring hundreds of people, if not thousands! And after some time, Mike realized the future deserved as much excitement as how far you've already got.

So this led to Zero to Hero, and the Zero to Hero belt. The belt is a symbol for success, winning and achieving the hero status you've all longed for. Being a hero is about crafting your destiny, about winning the title of "hero".

Mike Fallat's 3 steps to success is : Start a business, Write a book, Lead an interesting life.

But in order to get people to follow his advice, he had to follow it himself. This led to him scratching an item off his bucketlist; Jeeping across America!

He made many many many stops along the way. Some to sightsee, some to meet with past clients in person for the first time, others to see potential future clients! If there's anytime to chase your dreams, it's now! That's one dream checked off Mike's list, and there's many more to come.

But don't take it from me, listen to him tell you all about it himself! Check out the full podcast below, and prepare to be inspired.



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