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What Services Do I Use? or Recommend?

Zero to hero is all about taking you from where you are to where you want to go. That's what we're all about here at Dreamstarters. Want to start the dream of writing a book? visit www.istartedfromzero.com/dream Mike learned a lot from his online book

Mike Fallat Believes Content Marketing Will Win Everytime

In 1932, during the depression, Popeye started eating spinach in the cartoon shorts. Spinach made him faster and stronger and more powerful. Sales were low for everyone, but this spiked spinach sales by 33% in the first year! This is the first example of content

Do you believe in the LAW OF ATTRACTION 844-266-HERO

Today is a special day, because Mike Fallat is going to talk about something that you have all heard of but doesn't get enough credit; The law of attraction. In planning for 2020, he had a shocking realization that maybe the unbelievable experiences he has

Ask the DreamStarter!!!! 844-266-HERO

Mike Fallat is here to help you keep chasing the next best version of yourself. Ever since getting back from an event in New Orleans, Mike's been LOADED with questions. So for today's zero to hero live, we're going to ask the dreamstarter! Although Mike

Bret Hart (Zero to Hero Live)

Bret "Hitman" Hart, born July 2nd 1957, is a Canadian-American wrestler, writer, and actor. Although retired, his name lives on, and he is respected as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He gained championship success at the WWF (Now WWE) through the '80's

Woman Entrepreneur Killing The Game part 2

Today, Mike Fallat is with Liz Trong from San Jose California. Fallat met her on his Jeep Across America trip, and the 2 have progressed a friendship since. Liz is an expert at giving lessons and helping people take the next step in their life.

Event That Changed Your Life? Zero to Hero Live

Mike Fallat's business didn't explode until he found the right people. It all started with an online presence, but when he went to 10x Growth Con in Vegas a few years ago, things LAUNCHED. It was there he decided to hire a full time assistant,

What’s Your Favorite Song and Why? Nicki Cochran CEO of RockstarsDream.com

Today, Mike Fallat is with Nicki Cochran; CEO of RockstarsDream.com Asking some questions, the biggest that everyone needs to answer, is what is your FAVORITE song and WHY. But first, let's talk about Nicki. Nicki started RockstarsDream.com because she LOVES the rockstar scene. Not just

Marketing vs Sales. Who is king/queen? Call in now

Mike Fallat shares the newest podcast with the beautiful and most talented Hana Daisy. Instagram - @hanadaiisy Today's topic...... Marketing Vs Sales. Which is the king? Mike thinks it's marketing, and Hana agrees. People spoke out on Mike's facebook post on the topic, and so

#Cybertuck Glass Break Staged? I think so and here is why…

It's been one crazy week. Elon Musk's cybertruck coming out has everyone raving. Musk is one of Mike Fallat's heros, I mean, the man is just straight UNBELIEVABLE. Elon realized that all media is based around drama. Drama equals media attention, because the media wants