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The Power of a Press Release Agent

Did you know that I went to college to study finance ... And did the bare minimum to get a B/C in every class❓⬇️ And Today, I just got featured on #YAHOO #FINANCE❗❗❗----This is the Power of a #Press #Release Agent: 🔴I made the top 20 #Entrepreneurs to watch. 🔴It gets me

Do short guys really make the best Entrepreneurs?

Can you Spot the trend❓🤔 -Mark #Zuckerberg is 5'7".-Carlos #Slim is 5'7".-Grant #Cardone is 5'8".-#Gary vee is 5'7".-Jeff #Bezos is 5'7"-Mike #Fallat is 5'7 and a half!- Michael #Bloomberg is 5'8"- Sergey #Brin is 5'8"--------🔴Statistics show corporations pay tall guys (above 6 ft) MORE than short guys. So as employees, tall people make more money. 🔴But, the complete opposite is

Jeff Bezos; Can Anyone Explain Why?

Jeff Bezos is a quite famous internet and aerospace entrepreneur and media proprietor, who also dabbles in investing. He's the founder of Amazon, which later became the 2nd company in all of history to have a market cap over $1 trillion. When this happened, Bezos

BOOK LAUNCH!!!!! Bo Skitsko and Mike Fallat Debut Newest Book

Today Mike Fallat is with Bo Skitsko, owner of BoFit, and recent author of the book Stay Sore. https://www.amazon.com/Stay-Sore-Through-Change-Better/dp/1672477026 BoFit is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Bo started off as a personal trainer, and now hires them! When he started the journey of owning his own

Mike Fallats 2019 Recap

INSPIRE US. WHAT DID YOU DO IN 2019? ➡️My 2019 recap... 1) published 50+ books for our clients📚 2) wrote a kid's book😮 3) wrote 8 full books👊 4) launched a shoe line👟 5) produced a theme song & music video🎵 6) traveled across America

The Lessons Behind Failures with Mike Fallat

This is a post about my 2nd FAILED startup attempt. It failed financially, but I DO NOT look at it as a total failure. Here is why:🤔🤔🤔🤔 1️⃣ it taught me the very basics of building a business - VISION, SIMPLICITY, & DEMAND 2️⃣ it taught me

What Services Do I Use? or Recommend?

Zero to hero is all about taking you from where you are to where you want to go. That's what we're all about here at Dreamstarters. Want to start the dream of writing a book? visit www.istartedfromzero.com/dream Mike learned a lot from his online book

Mike Fallat Believes Content Marketing Will Win Everytime

In 1932, during the depression, Popeye started eating spinach in the cartoon shorts. Spinach made him faster and stronger and more powerful. Sales were low for everyone, but this spiked spinach sales by 33% in the first year! This is the first example of content

Do you believe in the LAW OF ATTRACTION 844-266-HERO

Today is a special day, because Mike Fallat is going to talk about something that you have all heard of but doesn't get enough credit; The law of attraction. In planning for 2020, he had a shocking realization that maybe the unbelievable experiences he has

Ask the DreamStarter!!!! 844-266-HERO

Mike Fallat is here to help you keep chasing the next best version of yourself. Ever since getting back from an event in New Orleans, Mike's been LOADED with questions. So for today's zero to hero live, we're going to ask the dreamstarter! Although Mike