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Mike Fallat’s Quarantine Update

Our first magazine is underway💥❗ 🔥It will feature lots of funny & edgy entertainment. Which will also be turned into videos, blogs, and podcasts. Since 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ models signed up in 90 days, we need another way for them to get the world to know about their Businesses.

Mike Fallat on Scary Moments in Life

#Scary Moments in Life.😱 🤔We can all think back to a moment that haunts us for a very long time. These moment(s) live with us because they were a time of shock & awe.😱😱 🔴For example, in April of 1987, I can remember seeing the Easter

Mike Fallat on Social Distancing

I'd like to thank Propel Water & Under Armour for an Amazing #Social #Distancing #moment. This week:🔴Ran 20 miles.🔴Down 6lbs.🔴Might have signed our 190th #book. Show me a picture of your favorite #SocialDistancingMoment from this week. mike-fallat-social-distancing Also! Update! 😮Wow, we are about to break 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ affiliate models representing RockstarsDream❗ 😮Some are featured in Maxim and FHM

Mike Fallat on How to Utilize Fear

🤔Imagine how many straight A students who did everything right. 🤔They did the best in school.They got decent, secure, steady paying jobs.They stayed out of trouble.They had a few kids, got a spouse, and devoted their time to work instead of their family. 🤔They let

Mike Fallat- Just Imagine

🛡️Imagine when this thing is gone.... ⚔️Imagine what it's going to feel like to go to a sporting event again. 🛡️Imagine how excited the crowd will be to be there.... And how loud they will cheer. ⚔️Imagine how great of a feeling it's going to

Mike Fallat on Stephen King’s “The Stand”

🍿I watched #THE #STAND last night (again). 🔥It's about a Super-flu that wipes out the world. 🔥Moreso, it's about Good vs. Evil. 🔥There are insane similarities to the beginning of this movie and what is going on in this world. You see, human nature is pretty predictable. 🔥Pay

Mike Fallat’s Recent Client Phil Laboon

🕧9 years ago, I owned a business that would always get calls from a company called Eyeflow marketing. 🕥5 years ago, I heard of a guy named Phil LaBoon... Who is one of the top internet marketers in Pennsylvania (and owned Eyeflow marketing) 🕣3 years ago,

Mike Fallat On How to Make the Most of the Current Events

🤯I know this will sound insane... ⏰But this moment is such an opportunity to make serious progress in your life, business, and finances. 💥What you are seeing is a "shift" in the way people think and live. Shopping habits are changing, priorities are evolving, and

Where’s Mike Fallat?

"Where's Mikey?"🧐🧐🧐 ⁣⁣🧩That's a very fun game. In fact, this is the game that all Entrepreneurs like to play. (Their own personal version of course.😉) ⁣⁣😎As Entrepreneurs, we get to do lots of cool things. We are never stuck in one spot. ⁣⁣👉Yesterday, I had 2

Mike Fallat Assessing His Values

Your DOG 🐕 ... Or.... Significant other❓ #story- 🧐This past weekend, I met a guy who left his fiance because she threatened to get rid of his dog while he was traveling. She told him that she didn't want to watch the dog while he was away




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