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2 Quick Lessons From Mike Fallat

Check out Mike Fallat's newest podcast episode of Zero to Hero. He talks about 2 main ways to get noticed after you write a book: Stage event.Send to podcasters with special note inside. Here are the steps: 1. Write a book.2. Setup a book signing

Mike Fallat (the Bad Boy of Books) learns how to dance

In Mike Fallat's new episode of the Zero to Hero podcast, he teaches what he learned as he went through dance training. Listen to the entire podcast here

The American Entrepreneur Andrew Higgins

THE #AMERICAN #ENTREPRENEUR who won the war for us [ANDREW HIGGINS]. Today is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Many do not realize that the Allies were outmanned and outgunned by the Nazi party & Central Powers. But this day in 1944 is when it all changed. The largest


This is an era of technology. In today’s competitive market, there are various ways with the help of which the businesses are connecting with their customers. Nowadays, businesses are constantly using the method of video marketing for the purpose of increasing customer engagement. It also

What Women Find Sexy about Entrepreneurs?

According to the recent reports, women consider the entrepreneurs as their perfect life partner. This is because the women are of the view that entrepreneurs are the real inventors of the existing as well as future economies. It is the attractiveness as well as the

The Power of Book Writing Collaborations

TBook writing is often a very personal and solitary process. When writers work in isolation, they have to face many challenges accompanied by determination as well as self-doubt. So, it’s no wonder that working collaboratively will not only share their mutual struggles but also produce

The Effectiveness of a Book as a Marketing Tool

Are you unable to grow your business? Or are you having trouble communicating with the customers? Maybe they don’t exactly know what services you provide or why your products are better. Well, if you are having all these problems the reason could be your marketing

All about Garrett White – Owner of Wakeup Warrior

Who doesn’t want a better life, a better marriage or a better future? Well, everyone does. In fact it is every man’s dream. Isn’t? At times, life brings changes so drastically that there is no clue what to do next. There are several things you

Mike Fallat Combines Marketing with Local Music

When marketers think of the content, they usually forget about how influential music can be among their audience. Music is like an emotional touch point. Music can incite social action. In short, music can bring people together. Music activates various centers in our brains including

Sock Ballads- The Only Socks That Rock

Have you ever thought you could wear your favorite songs on your feet? Well, that sounds may crazy to some people, but for music lovers, this is an absolutely a fantastic thing. We at www.sockballads.com write your favorite songs lyrics upon your socks. All you