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mike fallat of dreamstarters publishing

Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing.
One of his team members will be able to answer any question you have regarding the book creation process.


Imagine a publishing company that guides you through the entire book creation process, let’s you keep 100% ownership of your book, and provides the tools to generate leads, revenue, and attention for your business.

The book world was boring. It seemed to lack speed, fun, and simplicity.
So, we decided to build a company that satisfied it all.

The days of relying on big brother & large corporations are over.

This is your time. The hero's journey is waiting.

Publishing a book is only the beginning.

Dream. Publish. Fly.

🚨We specialize in personal and business development books for entrepreneurs who envision more freedom both in their business and in their personal lives.

3 Step Process

Kelly DreamStarters Publishing

Kelly, Sales Director & Interview Specialist



We will schedule two, 2-hour sessions with you. Tell us your story & lessons via Zoom. Based on 15 lesson outline.

Ashely DreamStarters Publishing

Ashley, Project Manager



Our professional writers will bring your story to life in 40 days. We will do 2 edit runs with you as well as present 25+ possible cover designs. We will write 120 pages (min). and 25K words (min).

Colin Dreamstarters Publishing

Colin, Bestseller Preparer



Your book is uploaded, positioned correctly, & published on Amazon!

Once complete, we connect you with Alisa from the Million Dollar Book Agency.

Is Your Book Already Written?



We offer comprehensive services to help you put the final touches on your book. Whether you've completed your manuscript and need professional editing, precise formatting, or a captivating cover design, we've got you covered. Let us transform your manuscript into a polished, publish-ready book that will stand out in the literary world.



If you're ready to share your book with the world but require a hassle-free way to sell and ship it, you're in the right place. Our book fulfillment and shipping services are designed to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on your writing while we take care of the logistics. Get your book into the hands of eager readers with ease.



Start looking at your story as dollar signs💲. The lessons you learned, the people you met, and the experiences you’ve lived can all be used to your advantage. Your story is more valuable than you think. If used properly, the next chapter is going to be one to remember. Publishing a book according to the strategy within these pages will transform your life, identity, business, and bank account. You will see how creating a million dollar book will lead to a million dollar life. Write on.


Mike Fallat interviews bestselling authors from all over the world.

The Million Dollar Stories Podcast is for author-preneurs who take control of their lives. As authors, we hold the pen.
Therefore, we write the future.

Live Free & Write On.


Million Dollar Stories Blog

"Million Dollar Stories Podcast," hosted by Mike Fallat, features inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact in their fields. The podcast delves into the strategies, challenges, and triumphs of business leaders who have built million-dollar enterprises. Through engaging interviews and storytelling, Mike Fallat uncovers the secrets behind their success, offering listeners valuable insights and motivation to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

340+ BOOKS

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I was connected to Mike Fallat, Owner of DreamStarters Publishing from a friend that had also recently used their services to write a best-selling book. I brought to Mike and his team an idea, what I had written already, and an open mind to create something I would be proud of and use in my growing coaching business. Along with the book, Mike and his team helped me come up with a book title and a plethra of professionally designed cover options. At the end of 2021, I launched my book Survive Scale Soar which went on to be a best-seller on Amazon. My book, which is my story, has proven to be a powerful tool to connect me with others seeking coaching so that they too can soar in both business and life. I am glad to be now a part of Mike's Inner Circle, and honored to have met him and the DreamStarters Publishing team. Everyone has a book in them, and Mike can help you execute on that dream. I encourage you to connect with Mike and his team today to start the journey. You will be in great hands.
Jeremy Williams

Red Hawk Partner Network

I absolutely recommend Mike Fallat and the Dream Starter Publishing company! The response time, quality of work, and results far surpassed my expectations! Thank you all for the hard work.
Mike Glaspie II

Real Estate Investor

Very professional and personable. straight forward with services and did everything they said they would do. Available and supportive. I would recommend and use them again. Thanks Mike!
Eric Dupré

Life Coach

DreamStarters helped me build and market my #1 best-selling book. This book has unlocked so many doors that were once invisible. Great service, proven results.
Tony Whatley

Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Mike and his DREAM TEAM at DreamStarters made my vision a reality! I went into the process of wanting to publish a book very intimidated, but after being referred to Mike and having a conversation with him about the process, I felt I was in good hands. So I thought I was going to get good service, but was totally impressed with the amazing hand holding service I received throughout the process! Totally amazed on how they handled everything, from my dumb pestering questions to the amazing book cover graphics they were able to create. I am simply amazed and very appreciative! I will be coming back to Mike and DreamStarters for my Volume 2! 😎
Wilson D Enriquez

President, Ideal Lending

Mike Fallat is the real deal and if you are looking to write a book, there is no one else I would recommend. You would be doing yourself a favor working with Mike as I have and he comes with my highest recommendation. Appreciate you brother! Check out Agent Mastermind on Amazon. 🙂 2nd book coming soon!
Scott Hudspeth

Owner, Fresh Agent Marketing

Mike Fallat and his team made the process of publishing my book on Amazon seamless. I would recommend DreamStarters to anyone who wants to make publishing their book a worry free process. Thank you DreamStarters for your responsiveness to my questions, for ensuring that my book cover design meet and surpass my expectations, as your designers understood my vision and for your patience and professionalism. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future.
Jess Silver

Bestselling Author

Mike Fallat at DreamStarters killed it for me! Made the book creation process very simple and affordable. On top of that he's a very good leader. I'll be using him to write my next book.
Ryan Hohman

Sales Recruiting University

When I look to work with people, I focus on those that are showing up with passion and consistency. Mike is 💯 dedicated to helping others become published authors!
Claudia Stepan


Nothing more valuable than being on both google & amazon while knocking on doors. If you knock doors, you need a book!
Tom Pierson

Amazon Bestselling Author

Mike is truly truly gifted and what he does. He is a man of his word he goes above and beyond communication between publishing editing and writing. Mike this is honest straightforward and powerful with his word. If you’re looking to seriously write a book in 60 days or less Mike is the person to go to.
John Wood

Design & Sales Consultant

Mike is a rare talent and his level of expertise has no bounds. Mike is a book marketing genius, one of the best but he's much more than just that. He goes above and beyond to help others and is one of the top experts in all of marketing. Grateful to know him and appreciative of all you do Mike!
Ricky Hale

Business Owner

Behind each book is an unseen mentor who believes in your story and makes it come alive! I'm very lucky to work him! Mike has very high standards and a big caring heart!
Olga Dame

Life Coach

Mike was a HUGE help, and made my book a reality! I had been working on a book for years, but with Mike's help we got a great looking book out in an amazing time. Thanks Mike!
Kenny Wolfe

President, Wolfe RE Mgmt

Mike Fallat is absolutely outstanding. Not only is he results driven, but he also communicates in a timely and professional manner. Working with Mike is a pleasure. After spending a lot of money with various companies, I am thrilled to have found Mike. His work ethic is unparalleled and his service is second to none!
Marc Hoberman

Owner/CEO, Grade Success

If you've considered writing a book, here is your opportunity to do so. I hope you capitalize on it. You won't find a harder working team assembled to guide you to becoming a best selling author.
Ruffcut Rawlins

Entrepreneur & Bestselling Author



Anthony Lolli is a real estate developer and founder of the Brooklyn-based brokerage firm Rapid Realty, the first rental-based real-estate franchise system in the United States. Lolli also founded Express Real Estate School which trains licensed real estate agents.

His book, The Heart of the Deal, was prepared in collaboration with DreamStarters Publishing and is now a bestseller.

See what he has to say about our services.


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We focus on speed, simplicity, accountability, and clear communication. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, the gifts of capitalism, and the love of absolute freedom.  


We are here to help entrepreneurs tell their stories, build their tribes, and grow their businesses.


We are hyper-focused on freedom-loving entrepreneurs who will use their stories to create unlimited relationships & opportunities.  


We LOVE to serve entrepreneurs who have service-based businesses, believe in God, love America, and crave freedom.


To be the leading book creation company alongside the #1 Marketing Agency/ CRM for entrepreneurs all around the world.

About Mike Fallat

Mike is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency. His life changed at the age of 22 when he read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

That is when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Through many failed attempts and going severely into debt, he finally found his way. He escaped the corporate world, started a direct-to-home dog product service, and broke free from the chains of society. So, he decided to put his lessons and stories into a book for the world to read. Within a very short amount of time, the book led to speaking gigs, new levels of credibility, and a newfound ability to assemble a tribe.

This spawned the idea of a book creation service specifically for entrepreneurs. Since that day in 2016, Dreamstarters Publishing is responsible for 300+ Bestselling Books for entrepreneurs all over the world. The company's growth led to investing in an agency that was 100% geared towards helping authors scale their businesses. That is when the Million Dollar Book Agency was born. When Mike is not working, he is usually riding motorcycles, driving muscle cars, running around the lake, laughing at people who trust the media, and/or listening to 80s music.

Featured on the Docuseries "Legacies Untold"

If You've Made It This Far, What Are You Waiting For?


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Email: info@mg.milliondollarbookpro.com

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We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good jobs for everyone.

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We’re on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good jobs for everyone.