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What are the different formats? Mike Fallat explains

Are you thinking about writing a book and self publishing it, but are not sure what formats are available? In this video, Mike Fallat from Dreamstarters explains the formats and why you should choose specific ones. Books are tools. Books are chess moves. Books are

Your Story Must Have Heart by Mike Fallat

 I don’t care who you are, confidence attracts.  In order to stand out, you have to be confident (in your product, service, brand, and yourself). The red shoes on the cover of my 2nd book symbolize standing out, feeling confident and attractive, and putting yourself

BOOK LAUNCH!!!!! Bo Skitsko and Mike Fallat Debut Newest Book

Today Mike Fallat is with Bo Skitsko, owner of BoFit, and recent author of the book Stay Sore. https://www.amazon.com/Stay-Sore-Through-Change-Better/dp/1672477026 BoFit is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Bo started off as a personal trainer, and now hires them! When he started the journey of owning his own

Mike Fallats 2019 Recap

INSPIRE US. WHAT DID YOU DO IN 2019? ➡️My 2019 recap... 1) published 50+ books for our clients📚 2) wrote a kid's book😮 3) wrote 8 full books👊 4) launched a shoe line👟 5) produced a theme song & music video🎵 6) traveled across America

The Lessons Behind Failures with Mike Fallat

This is a post about my 2nd FAILED startup attempt. It failed financially, but I DO NOT look at it as a total failure. Here is why:🤔🤔🤔🤔 1️⃣ it taught me the very basics of building a business - VISION, SIMPLICITY, & DEMAND 2️⃣ it taught me


👩‍🏫When I started this business years ago, I was dating a #librarian at the time. I told her my idea of writing books in 30 days or less. 😂She laughed at me and never believed in the concept (or me). "What are you trying to




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