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BOOK LAUNCH!!!!! Bo Skitsko and Mike Fallat Debut Newest Book

Today Mike Fallat is with Bo Skitsko, owner of BoFit, and recent author of the book Stay Sore. https://www.amazon.com/Stay-Sore-Through-Change-Better/dp/1672477026 BoFit is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Bo started off as a personal trainer, and now hires them! When he started the journey of owning his own

Mike Fallats 2019 Recap

INSPIRE US. WHAT DID YOU DO IN 2019? ➡️My 2019 recap... 1) published 50+ books for our clients📚 2) wrote a kid's book😮 3) wrote 8 full books👊 4) launched a shoe line👟 5) produced a theme song & music video🎵 6) traveled across America

The Lessons Behind Failures with Mike Fallat

This is a post about my 2nd FAILED startup attempt. It failed financially, but I DO NOT look at it as a total failure. Here is why:🤔🤔🤔🤔 1️⃣ it taught me the very basics of building a business - VISION, SIMPLICITY, & DEMAND 2️⃣ it taught me


👩‍🏫When I started this business years ago, I was dating a #librarian at the time. I told her my idea of writing books in 30 days or less. 😂She laughed at me and never believed in the concept (or me). "What are you trying to


In my newest podcast, we talk about how marketing trumps content. Our podcast helps entrepreneurs market their business and their book. Check it out here!!! https://soundcloud.com/mikefallatzerotohero/marketing-trumps-content-by

Symbols In Your Life (by Mike Fallat)

Yesterday, on my newest podcast episode, I talk about how important symbols are in your life. Take a listen!!!! https://soundcloud.com/mikefallatzerotohero/symbols-in-our-life-by-mike

THE HERO BELT (by Mike Fallat)

Guys, it's time!!! MIKE FALLAT GIVES AWAY THE BELT This Sunday, I am going for the championship belt. After all the rejection, negativity, and battles, I have decided to put it all on the line to take this journey one step further towards my dream

2 Quick Lessons From Mike Fallat

Check out Mike Fallat's newest podcast episode of Zero to Hero. He talks about 2 main ways to get noticed after you write a book: Stage event.Send to podcasters with special note inside. Here are the steps: 1. Write a book.2. Setup a book signing

Mike Fallat (the Bad Boy of Books) learns how to dance

In Mike Fallat's new episode of the Zero to Hero podcast, he teaches what he learned as he went through dance training. Listen to the entire podcast here

Why You Should Write A Bestselling Book

SIDEHUSTLE MILLIONAIRE Tony Whatley from 365 Driven Entrepreneurs wrote an incredible article on why you should write a bestselling book. I will include the link below. Just to give you a little glimpse of some of Tony's accomplishments, here they are:• Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author,




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