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The 80/20 Rule

💥The 80/20 rule is undeniable. ❓Did you know... 📟According to U.S. News & World Report, the failure rate for New Year's resolutions is said to be about 80 percent, and most lose their resolve by mid-February❓ this means 1 out of 5 will go farther &

We Start the Story, You Finish It

Today was a big day at DreamStarters Publishing. Not only did we launch our marketing department (which guarantees 50+ Press Releases & Social Media Management for authors), but we filmed our first "Story Starters" segment. The magic of our company is that we START & COMPLETE

Scary Story Starters

🔴We are so fortunate to live in a time period where anything you can imagine and envision, you can bring to life. Anything.⁣⁣💥Yesterday, we needed to get our press release on 120+ publications.. and picked up by Yahoo, and we did it!⁣⁣💥We needed to get

It’s Official! Hana Daisy is on the Team

It's OFFICIAL❗ 😎Last night, Hana came over to talk about how we can help authors even more than we do right now. ( All authors. Not just the 170+ we have worked with already) 😎You see, for 3 years, book clients have been asking me

Kill the Old Version of Yourself

Most people are afraid of change. But I'm afraid of staying the same. 🔴I meet with people everyday who are scared to finish writing their books, start a business, or even do a video to post on social media. ⏰I get it. You see, Not

Mike Fallat on the Legacy Wealth Podcast

Honored to be on the #Legacy #Wealth #Podcast today with Tim Bratz. Tim started investing because he saw the long term potential in it. He started in the fiercely competitive New York City, 🏙️ but it wasn't until his move to South Carolina that he started reaching heights of success.

The UFC are Storytellers Too

🥊The UFC is a business... And a damn good one. Which means they are storytellers. Make no mistake about it, they are trying to tell a story. Because #STORIES #SELL. 🥊I believe they pushed this fight (tonight) because they want ATLEAST one more BIG money grab from

Mike Fallat’s Opinion on the Arete Syndicate

🔴The #ARETE Syndicate... Ok, I am officially sold on the group. I knew it was solid when I first heard about it 2 years ago, but the group of people that I have met & worked with from this #tribe is unbelievable. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them is rock


Today is a special day❗ 😮We are going for the one-day Kindle sales record for all of DreamStarters Publishing with Toni Vanschoyck new book #EffingSimpleYou. 🟣 A second book 📚 in the Effing Simple Series, Effing Simple You—You do You is a guide to fulfillment and life mastery. Self-proclaimed former

Mike Fallat’s First Startup, and What You Can Learn From It

🐕In 2013, I started a company called "Doggy Surprise". As you might be able to tell: It was a surprise delivery for your dog. (Similiar to bark box, but a little different) 🐶This became my first startup business that actually made money💲. It was basically