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And what's better than one scary story starter? 5!

"He was clueless how to spend his time. Ever since his girlfriend left him, all the time between work and sleep just seemed meaningless. One day, his friend offered him a book to read, hoping it could help him pass the time. But it only took him a couple chapters to realize the story was his life, and according to a few chapters after, a killer would be looming……"

"I woke up in a box. All I remember is a few men stopping by to see my husband. They looked angry, kept saying he would have to pay. I don’t remember being knocked out, but now I know I’m being buried alive. And the dirt is starting to slip in, I don’t know how much time I have left………."

"“We gotta run away, we gotta go, NOW”, she screamed. “What’s going on?” I didn’t know how to respond. She seemed so frightened but what was so scary? “He’s coming, he’s coming, look behind you!”…………………………"

"I died, and all that’s tying me to this earth is a flask my son carries around. But he forgot about it and lost it in one of the worst places for me to be, a haunted mental asylum, one of the most haunted in the world. He made it out fine, but now all I can do is hide……"

"But when I looked in the mirror, the reflection didn’t match mine. I mean, it was me, but she was moving in ways I wasn’t. Kept smiling at me, suspiciously. I didn’t know what was going on………"

But what happens next? You must decide!

Pick up your copy now on Amazon! And let us know what you're top 5 are :)


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