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That face you make...

👉 when you board a plane to #Texas (for 10 days) 🇺🇸 to hang with lots of happy, successful #winners.

3 hrs in line for my rental car.😮

Turns out there is a shortage here.

Guess that's what happens when people travel out of liberal cities to visit free states.

👉Regardless, I got this bad boy. And we are here to write a few new chapters 😉.

Hanging with Michael Burns at Legacy Boardroom

Dave Marsh & Terry Thayer .

Major players. Get to know these guys.


Emmit Smith #LegacySummit

Think about the #millions of dollars that will be created from this two day event.

😮Thank you #legacysummit & Tim Bratz Jeremy Butler Zachary Tetley Nathan McLeod Terry Thayer

Hanging with #patriots🇺🇸

Over the past couple days, I have met some badass entrepreneurs from all around the United States in the Legacy Boardroom

Ever since I I started to make big moves 5 years ago, I have realized that your circle will make or break you.

And I just want to say, that I am so thankful to meet all of you. I can only imagine what the future will look like by being associated with those powerhouses.

My #Circle has become way stronger. 💪 I can't wait for the next chapter.

Currently on the back roads of Texas. Nowhere to be. Just sight seeing.

My assistant just zoomed me and told me she's handling everything on the business front.😁😁😁

Just got off a call from a woman who has been wanting to finish her book for 3 years. I told her it would take 30 days. Refered by Lisa Hocker🇺🇸

Patriots are signing up to #mikesinnercircle all this week. Next live call scheduled for Wednesday.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

A few people have started rolling with our book funnel specialist #leadstackers#BOOKLEADPROPhil LaBoon over the past couple of days.

And the next cover model has been chosen for next issue of RockstarsDream Magazine --- which will only have writers from the inner circle featured. 🔥🔥🔥👠

Leaving for #Million#Dollar#Mastermind wed night/Thursday in Dallas.

What a journey. I feel like a damn kid still. Hope you didn't stop "playing" in this thing called life, either.

Leaving Austin for Dallas tonight for the #MILLION#DOLLAR#MASTERMIND.

Meeting up with Jeff Brekken , Tony Whatley , Michael Burns , Ramon Casaus , Alex Alex , Tyler McBroom , and a bunch of other badasses.

One of my earlier clients Shawna Ayumi Batteford .

It's so awesome to travel the United States and see clients in person for the very first time.

Legend has it, her book "WALK YOUR OWN WAY" helped her meet her husband.

The power of a book!

Day 1. Let's do this.

This is Jeff Brekken .

I met him in Utah last year at the 365 Driven Society . He runs an incredible HR company.

Since then, he has joined Mike's Inner Circle .

Now he is working on his book. I am here in Dallas because of him. Because of him, I will meet and work with Entrepreneurs from all over the USA. Because of him, our team will be able to grow tremendously. And Because of him, readers of our future clients' lives will change.

Thanks Jeff! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Hanging with some monsters in the game. Lisa Whatley , Billy Gene Is Marketing , Tyler McBroom , Joey Yak Pieper , @kent clothier

Look at this crew.

Aaron Wagner , Bubba Malbrough , John Krum , @saxony whalen

The side hustle #millionaire Tony Whatley (right). ......

And the side hustle negative-aire (me - left)

👉Tony's first business made him #millions of dollars.😮

👉My first business in 2009 cost me 30k😉.

This is Jeremy Perez . He travelled 3 hours to meet up. Total commitment.

He's starting a new chapter in life... & just Joined the #innercircle .

After going through a divorce, he is now about to take his vision to a whole new level.

He's a major patriot 🇺🇸 & business owner.

I can't wait to see his progress this year.

Back in Pittsburgh! Unbelievable 10 day trip❗

To all my clients who had questions (that I wasn't able to answer right away while I was on the road), I apologize.

Speed is one of my top 3 core values... and I feel awful if I can't abide by that core value all the time. However, I was out meeting hundreds of new people on this trip. Many of which, I only have communicated via ig/fb like Angela Swafford Warner . She is such a Patriot with a strong message to share.

👉Her first words to me when I started talking to her were, "I hope people don't call me "sheep" because I'm wearing a mask. It's just that I don't have an immune system after fighting pancreatic cancer."

I thought that was unbelievable. Angela knows my beliefs on politics and is very aware what I post. I am so glad she doesn't get offended from everything I put out on social media. My posts are never directed towards those battling an illness. It was so awesome to get to know her. Now she is a part of the #innercircle ! And will soon be sharing her story about dealing with abusive spouses with the world.

I love being placed in a room of hundreds of strangers ... And coming out with a few dozen allies for life.

I will be catching up with a bunch of my clients today. Thank you for your patience as I strengthen my circle!


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