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On my way to #Scottsdale Arizona!

For Tim Lyons Jr. & Randy Angsten#WINNING#GYM#EVENT!

75 major gym owners & 1 book guy. Might stop by Maricopa just to see if they need my help 🇺🇸

Business expense.

Traveled across the country to meet a few other badass entrepreneurs from Pittsburgh.

Awesome time Tim Lyons Jr. , Randy Angsten , Zach Columbia

Hanging with some #innercircle members, meeting other like-minded entrepreneurs, and helping people see the power of a book at Tim Lyons Jr. Event in #Arizona.

Joined a Facebook group in 2017.

Met a guy named Tim Lyons Jr. We became friends online.

Within 18 months, we started to help him with a book. In 2019, we helped him publish #BuiltToGrow .

This led to Tim sharing our name with his team, friends, and associates.

His influence helped us grow our book business in the fitness/ gym ownership world.

Two years later, I'm at his event in Arizona with 75 badass gym owners & entrepreneurs ---Many of which are scaling like crazy and we will be helping bring their story to life in a book.

Your Circle is everything. Take your time and surround yourself with like-minded driven individuals.

Build your circle right... So YOU are built to grow 😉

Guy (who hates his job): "Mike, why the hell do you take so many pictures and post them online?

"Mike: "Because I #NEVER want to forget. The climb is too damn fun.

Guy(who hates his job): "that's dumb."

Mike: "So, let me ask you--- why don't YOU post anything?"

Guy(who hates his job): "Because I don't want to remember."

---------👉 What's the point of living a life that you want to forget? The moment I left the corporate life, I decided to live a life that I never wanted to hide. Create. Build. Play... and #write about it every chance you get 😉

Arizona was so good to me. 🎉Finally met so many awesome people that I've been talking to online IN PERSON

Live events are BACK❗...And that's where the biggest deals go down.

Even met the nephew of WWE hall of famer HAKU. He was notorious for being the toughest real fighter in wrestling history. Next bar fight I'm in, I'm calling him to back me up.

Neil Holmes🥊


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