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The Cash Factor

The Secret to Explosive B2B Growth

Trace Reddick

I am writing this book because I have a solution for you starting your business. At Dorado Financial we facilitate dreams. We help businesses to grow and keep on growing. When you decide to start a business, you absolutely must have a crystal-clear vision of your future. You need to start smart. By that I mean you should start small and grow. Don’t try to start big and fit into shoes that are too large for you. If you do, you may find yourself in over your head, and most certainly that will include a financial crisis. Debt kills dreams. It can ruin you very quickly. And believe me when I tell you that bankruptcy doesn’t always save you from debt. This book is for the entrepreneur who doesn't want to sell his/her soul for debt. It's for the person who wants to grow their business on their terms. It's for the fighter who is born to keep the dream alive. The Cash Factor is the solution.Trace is a results oriented, business-savvy entrepreneur who specializes in logistics, streamlining processes, improving systems/organizational communication, and productivity. My passion is business and driving growth through product innovation, superior customer service, and authentic relationships. This mindset has helped Trace grow and start companies that have even made it to the Inc500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Trace is also a published author in the prestigious American Journal of Management for his experience with entrepreneurship and business strategy. I have a taste for the macabre. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my German Shepherd dogs, going on food adventures, observing carnivorous plants in the wild.




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