The Source Of The Deal

The Source Of The Deal: How to Dominate the Wholesale Real Estate Market and Generate Massive Cashflow


Wholesaling affords a unique opportunity to become a much needed facilitator in your community or across the country. There are lots of people who own properties and have some sort of distress related to that property. Many of them just wish they could get rid of it, but for whatever reason, they can’t pursue traditional methods. That’s where you can come in and help them get out of that situation by hooking them up with another investor who’s looking for exactly their type of property. The owner wins. The investor wins. You win. Everyone leaves the transaction better than they went into it. It’s the best kind of work and you can be paid handsomely for it. Over the past 14 years, I have built an incredible business, networked with the top players in the game, and became the #1 wholesale real estate coach in America. This book will show you how I was able to dominate my market and become the source of the deal. Now, it’s your turn.