Chronically Well

Chronically Well: How To Stand In Your Truth & Break Free From What You Thought Was Holding You Back


Born with a disability in her eyes, April learned how to overcome adversity, stereotyping and grew into a heightened sense of self-awareness at an early age. Her passion to see others discover freedom mentally, emotionally and spiritually, became a life purpose as she experienced a deeper level of self-discovery and personal transformation when receiving her coaching certification in 2007. Breaking free from negative mindsets created by chronic and emotional abuse, drugs, alcoholism, divorce and a myriad of other circumstances, prepared April for an ongoing battle with Gastroparesis, an incurable illness, and other chronic physical conditions. Leaning upon her faith, coaching background and small support system, April became a founder of a non-profit organization with the sole purpose to advocate through philanthropy while bringing life coaching into the chronically ill community via Warrior Wednesday’s and monthly events through their Glitter Queens Global branch. In the theme of total overall wellness, “Chronically Well” was created — an online group coaching journey with other certified coaches and clinicians. Through this platform she aims to enlighten, empower and promote freedom to the mind, emotions, and spirit, realizing that chronic illness is patient-specific.