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The Quintessential Entrepreneurial Journey - The Count of Monte Cristo

Do you feel trapped in a corporate prison you can’t escape? Stuck in a dead end job that makes you hate waking up every morning?

Well, then you’re not much different from The Count of Monte Cristo or myself a few years back. Until I began “harnessing” the built up hatred I had and used it as fuel to create the life I wanted. And I can show you how to do the same.

In this episode, I’m revealing how to take control of your life, start your own business, and never live on anyone else’s terms again.

Show highlights include:

How watching an early 2000’s movie lets you go from corporate slave to successful entrepreneur (1:32) Why your best friends and family members stab you in the back as soon as you get a whiff of success (7:36) The counterintuitive “Entrepreneurial Prison” you must lock yourself in if you want freedom (11:40) Why being an alpha male sabotages your business (and how to lead others without getting losing respect) (20:37) The “Kill Yourself Secret” for becoming a wildly successful entrepreneur (even if all of your businesses flopped) (26:58) You’re only as strong as your circle. Want to surround yourself with other patriot entrepreneurs like yourself? Then join my Inner Circle at https://www.mikesinnercircle.com/.


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