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Mike Fallat Zero to Hero

Mike Fallat's Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

Have you ever wondered how famous people got their start and rose to fame? Do you want the insider secrets to the opportunities that could bring you the same fate? Mike Fallat’s newest series Zero to Hero is all about the rise to success. It’s a collection of documentaries, seminars, and booklets that are sure to inspire, entertain, and inform. The purpose of this series is to show you just how possible it is to rise from Zero to Hero, taking advantage of the opportunities life throws your way.

This series contains many well-known names, from Michael Jackson to John Carpenter. Zero to Hero shows that there isn’t just one fool proof way to rise on the ladder of success. Rather, it’s all about being open to experience, and taking advantage of your own skillset. Zero to Hero is all about honing the inner hero in you! In learning how to own who you are and what you’re good at, you open your life to endless possibilities. This series is here to show you that everyone with the title famous has gotten their start in their own unique way, but more often than not, it stems from tuning into the best you you can be!

Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat is an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and man who loves true stories.  He started his first business as the age of 23 when he became his own real estate agent and bought a 4-unit rental building.  Growing up in a family of non-entrepreneurs, he realized pretty quickly that in order to get ahead in life, he had to play the game differently.  With no money and no connections, he had to use his story as a way to differentiate himself from others.  After years of failure, he finally was able to start making money from one of his entrepreneurial ventures.  This first level of success gave him the idea of putting a book out into the world and turning it into a best-seller on Amazon. That is when everything changed for him.

For the first time in his life, people started to pay attention to him.  He realized the book was the great equalizer.  It leveled the playing field. It gave him a chance to out work and position those who were more connected and/or wealthier.

That is what gave him the idea to create DreamStarters Publishing. DreamStarters is all about helping entrepreneurs use their own story as their competitive advantage in life. Mike and his team have helped over 100 entrepreneurs write their books.

What now?

Mike Fallat, among with everyone in his Zero to Hero series, is proof that the rise to success is based on your own personal journey. It's a lesson of using it to your competitive advantage. The opportunities are there if you open your eyes, and the ladder to fame and success looks different for everyone.

Want to learn more about famous people’s rise to success and fame? Check out Mike Fallat’s newest series Zero to Hero!

Looking to use your story as your own unique competitive advantage and ultimate marketing tool? Consider us here at DreamStarters! We have the drive to get your story captured, written, and turned into an Amazon bestseller in 30 days or less! Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

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