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[Did you know...❓]
Normally eagles tolerate harassment by crows. Crows gather in large groups to peck eagles and to harass the much much stronger bald eagles. Eagles have no intention of destroying crows because they are mainly set on eating fish. 
Yet, crows constantly pick fights (called mobbing) when they are in large groups... And when the eagle is flying solo. One of two things usually happen when the eagle gets angered by the mobs. It 1) just flies higher (since crows cannot fly nearly as high as eagles due to their lungs)... Or 2) it tears the crows apart. Sometimes they will kill them and leave the bodies near the nesting tree to make a statement to the others.
This is exactly how life works. Some people are eagles and some people are crows. I see #eagles try to start businesses, write books, create songs, follow their passions, fly solo, stand for something, think for themselves, believe in something that is against the norm, and spread their wings as much as they can.
Others try to tear others down. These are the people who make nasty comments for no reason, wish you to fail, talk behind your back, try to stop you, jealous that you are pursuing what you want, and hating on anyone who succeeds past them. They usually travel in groups of the 24-7 VICTIMhood mentality. They never are happy because of someone else's success. They are the crows.
I'm sure you can visualize both in your life right now. The only question is which one are you❓

And if you said eagle, then you only have two choices. ⤴️Fly higher... 🥊and/Or destroy them.

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