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I ❤️ Entrepreneurship.

Currently, right now, DreamStarters Publishing , is working on 30+ books for clients all over the world.

And I'm over here running security for the 13+ lingerie Dreamgirls who are working the tattoo expo this weekend. We are trying to break 500 signups this weekend.

The truth is: If you're not making money in your sleep, then you have lots of work to do🤗

Don't ever live a boring life. Start a business..and document the journey.

Seriously, I really ❤️ Entrepreneurship


#Show me. #Please show me.

😮Show me another ad that gets this much attention & engagement.

😮I hear all these Facebook ad people talking about "ad spend"... Strategies... And how they are amazing at growing a business with "ad sets & Retargeting".

🏆Look at this basic , no fluff ad. And I spent $25 so far❗. We Picked up over 100 affiliates in a few days. Which means we are actually now reaching hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of people through their networks.

🏆One model just signed up who has 227k followers!!!!

💥The game plan? Build an army.. a tribe... A machine. --- Not just a customer list. Big difference.☺️

💥Did I mention that we are only targeting a few zip codes in one city as of right now? Imagine when we break 10,000 affiliates... And 2,000 monthly subscribers. Then, we target Miami.. Austin... And then the whole state of Arizona❗

💥On March 2nd, some of these ladies will be receiving their first check in the mail for making #ONE post on Instagram. Win-win-win.

😎Next week, some of the #dreamgirls will be at #Pittsburghs #Tattoo #expo. The army is about to get 100x stronger. Kind of special event since my book company blew up after we offered discounts to any clients who got the "Started From Zero" tattoo 😜.

Fridays message:

🔴Build an army.. a tribe... A machine. Not just a customer list. Oh yeah, and don't ever listen to Facebook AD gurus until they can show you a return on investment for $25.



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