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Yesterday was absolutely incredible. I started off the day at a great local diner and had phenomenal eggs and toast.

Then I traveled to Mount Rushmore.

It was an incredible sight to see something that you learned about so many years ago and have heard about all your life. I even did some research on the person who created this whole thing. His name was Gutzon Borglov.  In my YouTube series I will talk a little bit about his background. but the man had such a strong desire to create something that would last forever. His entrepreneurial spirit and story reminds me of many people that I've studied. Everyone thought he was insane and ridiculous until they started to see it come to light. The entire project took ten times more money and four times more time to create. However if you look at it, that's how most things go in life. Not many people are willing to stick it out until the end to see it come to life.

And I traveled to Billings Montana and had dinner with Jude Mendonsa. Jude is a phenomenal real estate guy who has been coached by the best coaches in the world. His story is phenomenal. He was homeless... Then started multiple businesses.. then became financially free... Then wrote a book.

That's what this trip is all about. I'm finally going around to meet people in person that I've been friends with online for many years. \I will actually see many of my clients in person.

I believe the key to success is to show others that you not only can create a successful business... But you know how to enjoy life also. Start a business.. write a book ..live an interesting life. 

Now I'm on my way to Yellowstone national Park.  hopefully it'll be nice weather for a bike ride and a run.

See you there







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