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How to Publish a Book on Amazon

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Publishing a book on Amazon is fairly easy, but we get asked about the process quite a lot. The first step is deciding what marketing tool you want to use your book for. Here at DreamStarters, we recommend to have both Kindle and Paperback, but audio and hardcover are options too. Kindle is essential to receiving a best-seller status. Paperback is an unstoppable marketing tool.

There are a lot of factors that come into play, but the process is very simple. This includes picking a catchy and simple title. Picking the right genre when publishing a book to Amazon is crucial to a best-seller status. When choosing paperback, you’re bound to run into many easy to solve problems with the cover file.


One of the most important parts of publishing a book on amazon is the title. You want to pick a title that’s easy, simple, but sets you apart from the crowd. You want your title to cut right to the chase. Your book is important and this is your chance to prove it. Stand out, be different, but don’t make understanding the point a challenge. Aim to be clear and concise. Publishing a book on Amazon can only be a success if you catch the viewers eye.


We at DreamStarters have a special technique to picking the genre. But it all starts with putting your book in an easy-to-rank category. This is crucial to achieving a bestseller status when publishing a book to Amazon. By putting your book in an unusual category, we lower your amount of competition. This gives you a higher rank on Amazon. By having more sales compared to your competitors in your unusual genre, you have an easier climb to the top.


When publishing a paperback to Amazon, you’re bound to bump into many issues regarding the cover file. Most of which are easy fixes. To limit the amount of errors, it’s good to review the suggested cover sizes. Amazon has a page listing what cover sizes are recommended for different length books. It’s advised to have the graphic designer creating your cover aware of these sizes. Aside from that, minor problems will most likely arise. It’s almost never anything that requires a drastic change. Usually it’s minor tweaking needed to the cover size and spine text.

It is important to be conscious of the bar code though. When designing the cover, be sure to leave room for the bar code. The bar code will be automatically generated by amazon when publishing your book.


Here at DreamStarters, we can get your book written, published, and marketed in 30 DAYS OR LESS. If you are looking for a ghostwriting service to write your next book, please contact Mike Fallat, owner of book writing, publishing, and marketing company Dreamstarters, at 412-496-9448, or email him at mike@istartedfromzero.com. You can also contact his assistant Ashley - ashley@istartedfromzero.com.

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