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How to Hire Someone to Write a Book For You

How to Hire Someone to Write a Book For You

So you are writing your first book, and you have realized the efficiency in hiring someone else to do it for you. What better than to hire a ghostwriter? Writing a book could never be so easy!

Why you should hire a ghostwriter to write your book

Hiring a ghostwriter saves you time, and energy. Why waste the time you can spend focusing on your brand writing a book when you can hand it off to the professionals. These people that have made this their career, their passion! They’ve spent time honing their skill, creating quality work. They've sent time into creating something of value. That’s time you simply don’t have! Your business needs YOUR attention.

What to look out for when hiring a ghostwriter

When hiring a ghostwriter to write a book for you, there are some things you want to look out for. If you never worked with a particular ghostwriter before, you want to assure that their work is QUALITY. I mean, that’s the whole reason you’re hiring them instead of doing it yourself, isn’t it?

For one, you want to see their portfolio. Without previous work to look at, you have no clue what type of quality you will be receiving. It's your money you're spending, put it to quality use. You also want to make sure they have done a piece of work similar to what you are looking for. If you’re trying to get a book written to share your story and raise your brand awareness, hiring a ghostwriter that mostly works in blog work is NOT going to be a good investment. Find a ghostwriter that has already done the type of work you are looking for, and you can be sure that the quality will follow along too. Hiring someone to write your book for you doesn’t have to be a struggle-filled process.

It’s all about keep your eyes open. But don't settling for a less-than quality writer. Why waste any time hiring a ghostwriter to write your book if you’re type of book is not their strong suit?

Another good thing to look at is the people they’ve worked for. Find the books they’ve written, and research the success that it had. Comparing the success of different ghostwriter’s material is sure to lead you to a quality writer, fit to get your book written right for you!

Writing your first book doesn't have to be a struggle

If you are looking for a ghostwriting service to write your next book, please contact Mike Fallat, owner of  book writing, publishing, and marketing company Dreamstarters, at 412-496-9448, or email him at mike@istartedfromzero.com. You can also contact his assistant Ashley - ashley@istartedfromzero.com.

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