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If Mike Fallat had a nickel for every time everyone asked this question, then I would extremely rich.

That is why Mike Fallat decided to explain the answer in a video.

You can get rich, but not from book sales. You make your money from the opportunities that come from a book.

Think about the clients that you can acquire, the speaking gigs, the attention, and other revenue streams.

That is where you should put the focus.

Writing a book is one of the greatest things that you can do. When you use the book as a lead generator through companies like BOOK LEAD PRO https://bookleadpro.com/ , then you can acquire data and relationships.

The power of a book is in how you use it. Sure, you can make money from book sales. However, due to the royalty split and tax breakdown, it is very tough. Writing a book will change how you market your brand.

Watch this video and start getting ideas on how to use your book as a tool to get you where you want to go!

Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing which is the #1 Book Creation Service on Earth!

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