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RockStars Dream is Kicking Off

🤔Never have I ever....⁣⁣Invested in a company that got 350 signups in 4 weeks. UNTIL YESTERDAY.⁣⁣🤔Never have I ever...⁣⁣Met a person who wrote 14 books. UNTIL YESTERDAY. (That person is me btw😉)⁣. "Story Master" - my 14th 😎⁣🤔Never have I ever...⁣⁣Felt so amazing to run again🏃.

Mike Fallat on How to Increase Google Searches

Are people searching for YOU❓❓❓ 🔴4 months ago, less than 5 people were searching for the name "Mike Fallat" each month. Today, there's an average of 70 people searching that term per month. 🔴If people are not searching for you ... or your brand, how

Mike Fallat’s 180th BOOK

🐶Even my dog is giggling with excitement at the fact that we have started working on our 180th book for our 180th client❗⁣⁣🤔According to our calculations, that is 180 MORE books than the entire 2007 graduating class from Duquesne University who have English degrees COMBINED

Mike Fallat On The Pros and Cons of Desperation

#Desperation.😩😩😩 🤔It is the best & worst "feeling" you could have to get your business off the ground. 😎Let me explain... 😮To leave your comfy corporate job, to push your idea to the market, and to do everything with no money, is a recipe that

Mike Fallat on The Importance of Facebook/Instagram Ads

🔴Facebook & Instagram Ads. ----Finally worked! ⏰Over the past 3 years, I have met with many "experts". Their advice was to spend $5,000 - $10k per month to be effective in generating leads. Why is that❓ Because my business is not focused in one city. 99.99%

Mike Fallat on the Closing of Coffee Buddha

👉This is my buddy Mike Witherel. We have been friends since we were 7 years old. ☕He is the owner of an extremely creative coffee shop called "COFFEE BUDDHA". 😥Unfortunately, after 9 years of business, it will close it's doors for the final time on

Why Camera Presence Matters to Mike Fallat

😮This guy is worth 💲64.2 billion dollars. 🤔Which means he makes more money in ONE day than all of these other candidates combined make in 1 year‼️ 🙆And he still was portrayed to look like a complete idiot. How is that possible ❓ Because he has ZERO

Another Scary Story Starter by Mike Fallat

WE START THE STORY, YOU FINISH IT. And what's better than one scary story starter? 5! "He was clueless how to spend his time. Ever since his girlfriend left him, all the time between work and sleep just seemed meaningless. One day, his friend offered

Mike Fallat’s Scary Story Starters pt 1

WE START THE STORY, YOU FINISH IT. "I woke up in the woods; naked, afraid, lost. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t even know my name. I stumbled to the nearest road, slowly noticing more and more pain shooting through my body,

Mike Fallat’s Favorite Movies

TOPIC: #TOP #ENTREPRENEUR #MOVIES Fact: Movies have shaped my life. 👻The first movie I ever saw was Ghostbusters... And I was only a few days old‼️. (Yeah, my mom took me to see Ghostbusters in my first week on this planet. She's awesome. It's no surprise that it's