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What are the different formats? Mike Fallat explains

Are you thinking about writing a book and self publishing it, but are not sure what formats are available? In this video, Mike Fallat from Dreamstarters explains the formats and why you should choose specific ones. Books are tools. Books are chess moves. Books are

Your Story Must Have Heart by Mike Fallat

 I don’t care who you are, confidence attracts.  In order to stand out, you have to be confident (in your product, service, brand, and yourself). The red shoes on the cover of my 2nd book symbolize standing out, feeling confident and attractive, and putting yourself

Can Writing a Book Make You Rich? Mike Fallat Book Pro Explains

If Mike Fallat had a nickel for every time everyone asked this question, then I would extremely rich. That is why Mike Fallat decided to explain the answer in a video. You can get rich, but not from book sales. You make your money from

MikesInnerCircle Podcast – The Count of Monte Cristo

The Quintessential Entrepreneurial Journey - The Count of Monte Cristo Do you feel trapped in a corporate prison you can’t escape? Stuck in a dead end job that makes you hate waking up every morning? Well, then you’re not much different from The Count of

How to Write a Book (in 30 days) with Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat has perfected the art of getting books written, all within a 30 day time frame. After getting hundreds of books written, published, and marketed for people, he knows all the ins and outs, the secrets, and he's ready to share some of them

Mike Fallat goes to 365Driven Event in Whitefish Montana

Over the past few days, I have been hanging out with some of the 365 Driven Community.  This was the 2nd event that Tony Whatley hosted in the past 9 months.  Last year, we visited Utah.  This year was Montana.   Truth be told, it automatically




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