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365 Driven, Zion National Park, 2020

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Weaponize Your Story With Mike Fallat

I've been to Italy and saw Pope John Paul (alive and deceased) I've been to Paris and went to the top of the Eiffel tower. I've been to Switzerland and went paragliding over the Swiss Alps. And I've seen some crazy stuff all over (pre-2016).

The News Nowadays with Mike Fallat

🔴This is my face looking at my Facebook feed recently. I'm in total awe. So many people wasting energy..👉Last week, people were fighting about masks. This week it's racism. Next week (or a few weeks from now), it will be something else..👉What I learned from

Julia Lynn on the RockstarsDream Podcast (with Mike Fallat)

For today's blog, we're gonna do a recap on the recent podcast episodes with Julia Lynn! Julia Lynn Talks About Wrestling // RockstarsDream Podcast Ep. 6 Episodes 6-8, your host Mike Fallat will be with DreamGirl Julia Lynn! Instagram: @julia_lynnofficial Now let's talk about wrestling.

There is a Storm in Everyone (with Mike Fallat)

🔴The movie that inspires me more than any other is THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. 🟠Every 6 months, I remind myself to write about it because of its personal significance. 🟢Long story short, it's an adventure movie that outlines corruption, injustices, pain, and freedom being

Let me tell you about the year 2020… With Mike Fallat

#Marty, let me tell you about the year 2020... The United States is doing better than it ever has before. Best financial numbers ever. More people are making money than anytime in history. Then, all of a sudden, there is an impeachment trial to remove

The Nintendo Power Glove with Mike Fallat

This is the #Nintendo #Power #Glove ⚡🧤 ⚡In 1988/1989 , it was the brain child of a man who wanted to play an air guitar like Jimmy Hendrix. ⚡The power glove started by taking an idea from a product that was only seen in NASA equipment (which cost roughly

In Less than 5 Years with Mike Fallat

In less than 5 years, I.⚫Wrote 14 books⚫Created a company that helped about 200 Entrepreneurs finish their books.DreamStarters Publishing⚫Designed a shoe line.⚫Authored a kids book.⚫Created a documentary available on amazon prime.⚫Traveled the US in my Jeep.⚫Got an action figure made.⚫Invested in a lingerie company that

Mike Fallat Will Blow Your Mind

Can I blow your mind a little bit today ❓ 🤯What I'm about to say to you might make you want to #quit #your #job & become a DREAMGIRL. 😳As you know, I invested in a company called RockstarsDream - Monthly Delivery of Lingerie which is run by a woman named Nicki Cochran.

What Are You Afraid Of With Mike Fallat

On a recent #podcast interview, a guy told me that I looked as if I wasn't afraid of anything. 👉But, if you want to know the #truth... I have to tell you that I am actually #deathly #afraid to get #old... & NOT be able to say I took my shots