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Peter McAlister's Occupation #REVEALED ❗

For years, I have seen countless memes questioning what Peter McAlister (from #Home #Alone) did for a living.

Well, it's actually pretty obvious. Let's look at the clues:

1️⃣ He has an enormous house. 4200 sq feet. Worth $1.5 million minimum. He's obviously got money💲.

2️⃣ He's happily married to a gorgeous, driven woman. That's a sign of pure confidence.😎

3️⃣ He has a boat load of kids. No need of an explanation here.

4️⃣ He takes his entire family (of like 25 people) on Vacations for Christmas. I don't even know anyone who goes on vacation at Christmas. Straight baller move.

5️⃣ He's totally cool under pressure. Even when his son is left home alone, he figures to just hang back and wait for next flight. No sweat. Thus, only getting there 3 minutes later than his wife (who decided to stress out & ride with the polka king of Chicago). You see, he is playing on a whole other level than most.

6️⃣ He finds GOLD wherever he goes. Even when he gets to the house (late), he finds the tooth of a wet bandit. It's probably worth like $800. Amazing. Money comes to him. It's obvious that he is well practiced in the law of attraction.

7️⃣ He taught his son, through example, how to be a man..and defend one's home, territory, property, domicile. To remove all fear, no matter the level of danger, and fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

So after looking at all the evidence, it's actually quite clear....

➡️Peter McAlister is a #Published #Author

Be like Peter. Go big...Or go home (alone). Write a damn book.

Merry Christmas from everyone at #Dreamstarters #Publishing 🎄🎄🎄🎅

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