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Imagine a publishing company that guides you through the entire book creation process, let’s you keep 100% ownership of your book, and provides the tools to generate leads, revenue, and attention for your business.

The book world seemed to lack speed, fun, and simplicity, so we decided to build a company that satisfied it all.

The days of relying on big brother AND big corporation are over.

This is your time. Live Free & Write On.

A book is only the beginning.

Dream. Publish. Fly.

Simple & Easy Process

We specialize in personal/business development books

for entrepreneurs who want freedom.

1) Video Interview

with founder of Dreamstarters, Mike

Tell us your story & lessons via Zoom - 2 hours one day/ 2 hours another day. Based on 15 lesson outline.

2) Complete Writing & Design

with Writing Manager, Carmen

Our professional writers will bring your story to life in 30 days. 2 edit runs. 25+ cover designs.

3) Get Published on Amazon

with Project Manager, Ashley

Your book is uploaded, positioned correctly, & published on Amazon!

4) Build Automation

with Funnel Manager of Million Dollar Book Agency, Alisa

Create courses, emails, text messages, free+shipping funnels, and CRM.

5) Social Media

with Ad Manager of Million Dollar Book Agency, Tanner

Schedule Social Media for months at a time -- all based on the content of the book. No extra work for you.

6) Book Shipping & Customer Service

with Shipping Manager, Colin

Addresses get certified, books get shipped, your customers get notified. Hands-free for you!

300+ Books


Our Values:

We focus on speed, simplicity, accountability, and clear communication. We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, the gifts of capitalism, & the love of absolute freedom.    

Why We Exist:

We are here to help entrepreneurs tell their stories, build their tribes, and grow their businesses.    

What Makes Us Unique:

We are hyper-focused on freedom-loving entrepreneurs that will use their stories to create unlimited relationships & opportunities.    

Who We Love To Serve:

We serve everyone. But we LOVE to serve entrepreneurs who have service-based businesses, believe in God, love America, and crave freedom.  

Our Vision:

To be the leading Book creation company alongside the #1 Marketing Agency/ CRM for entrepreneurs all around the world.

About Mike Fallat

Mike is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency. His life changed at the age of 22 when he read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

That is when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Through many failed attempts and going severely into debt, he finally found his way. He escaped the corporate world, started a direct-to-home dog product service, and broke free from the chains of society. So, he decided to put his lessons and stories into a book for the world to read. Within a very short amount of time, the book led to speaking gigs, new levels of credibility, and a newfound ability to assemble a tribe.

This spawned the idea of a book creation service specifically for entrepreneurs. Since that day in 2016, Dreamstarters Publishing is responsible for 300+ Bestselling Books for Entrepreneurs all over the world. The company's growth led to investing in an agency that was 100% geared towards helping authors scale their businesses. That is when the Million Dollar Book Agency was born. When Mike is not working, he is usually riding motorcycles, driving muscle cars, running around the lake, laughing at people who trust the media, and/or listening to 80s music.


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Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers

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Million Dollar Stories Podcast

blog image

#005 - Scott Orison (Suited For Real Estate Success)

February 18, 20232 min read


Mike Fallat interviews Scott Orison.

Real estate can be daunting. In fact, it can be downright confusing. However, if you shift your perspective into thinking "Since real estate is not commonly understood, maybe there is a lot of opportunity to win."

Once you do that, the entire game changes. As a man who is an advocate of the sports world, I associate real estate with sports quite a bit. It's all a game. And the one who plays it the best will win when it really matters. This book will be your playbook on how to turn real estate into a cash machine, into a W, into gold.

So let's get suited for real estate success. It's game time!

Scott Orison, a Husband, Father, Coach, Investor, Amazon’s Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, Sports fanatic, and Utah’s Original Red Suit Realtor.

In 2020, Scott’s rookie season, he received Northern Utah’s Top 250 Realtor award by selling over 7 million in real estate. In 2021, he’s on pace to sell over 20 million in real estate. Scott has sold more million-dollar homes in one year than most realtors will sell in a lifetime.

With 15 years of successfully flipping homes, cabins, condos, and land he’s helped train thousands from the stage and on the field. In the fall, 2019, Scott decided to put on the Red Suit and get his real estate license. His book “Suited for Real Estate Success” was written to help anyone buy, sell, invest, remodel, hire, build or inspire others to get a real estate license.

Scott is a member of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Utah and graduated with a marketing degree from Utah State University. As captain of Utah State’s Rugby team, he learned to love the sport of rugby. He continues to play rugby for Park City Haggis and had the opportunity to play rugby in Argentina while playing for the Malibu Rugby Club in California.

Scott’s inspiration comes from his brother Chad who passed away in 2014. To remember his brother’s legacy he’s linked up with Little Miracles Utah. This charity gives back to single moms who have tragically lost loved ones by renovating their homes.

In 2008, Scott married his incredible wife, Chalee. He love’s spending time with his 4 amazing children. Last year, the Red Suit became a grandpa and loves every minute of it!

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Mike Fallat

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Mike Fallat

Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing and the Million Dollar Book Agency

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